All your distributed marketing needs

RSS feeds, email, social media and analytics - located in one,
easy-to-use platform.

Content Creation

Curate and create relevant and compliant content, for maximum contact engagement, with our RSS feeds and custom template builder.

Content Distribution

With our unique multi-level distributed marketing software, you can create only one piece and disperse it on behalf of all your agents and agencies, brand specific.

Content Analytics

Stay current with your contact engagement through our detailed analytic parameters such as delivery, open and click rate.


Who is Using Worbix


"Worbix is our dream come true! It allows us to share different versions of our content to controlled groups so we can ensure proper distribution in an easy and effective manner. The only thing better than Worbix is the Worbix Team and the great support they give. Our business model is unique and complicated, and Worbix has made everything so easy despite the challenges and special requests. We couldn’t ask for more!"

Jade Paczelt
Real Wealth Marketing


By Contata November 14, 2017

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The Five Goals Every Content Strategy Should Have

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The Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Email Campaign That Converts

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